july 15 2014

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filling the void of my boyfriend being away by driving around endlessly and found this place. it was unlocked but i didnt go inside.. yet. friends tell me it’s really moldy and in bad shape so i decided to wait until i could get a pal with me.


I would just like to say fuck you to everyone who made me feel inadequate growing up and ruining my self esteem for years. You all suck and I’m glad I don’t talk to any of you any more. 

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Why say “ding dong you are wrong” when you could say “eggs and bacon you’re mistaken”

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tumblr kinda forces u to get educated on things bc otherwise u wont be able to participate in or understand dash topics

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Have some flower crown Team Avatar to cheer you up after that last season of Korra!


Here’s my second print to go with my chocobo one… I didn’t get as much done this summer as I thought I would, but I think the stuff I did get to came out really well!

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Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow

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